Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Shopping for myself?

Hello Lovely's

Green Office boots, £69 with £35 off making them £34 :)

Urban Outfitters Side-ways Cross Bracelet £6 
Well i spent my day shopping for myself ... that wasn't the official plan! This wasn't entirely all i got but my two favorite items :) I adore theses boots especially the price i got them for, i was origanally set out to get a pair of Chelsea boots but for £75 i couldn't justify buying them right now. Hopefully after Christmas i might be able to :) I had never been into an Urban Outfitters until today but i always find my self on there website adding items into my imaginary basket and not actually purchasing them. Urban Outfitters and Topshop are the shops i see a lot of  stuff i like in however, they are quite pricey so i tend to find similar items for a fraction of the price else where. 
I'm getting really excited for the end of term now, to finally have a break :)
I wish you all a very lovely week :)
Lauren xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A little Update

Hello me lovely's,
         Oh my life has been very hectic recently, preparation and revising for controlled assessments and exams. Fun Fun Fun!...Not!  As well as that I have been eating like an absolute PIG! Finally now though my life shall calm back down to how it always used to be :) I am in the process of Christmas shopping as I'm sure most of you are. I just love it when the early nights start coming and walking into shops that are all christmasy, seeing little cute shabby chic gifts. Then returning home to a nice hot chocolate and film :) I wish I could do a lot more outfit of the day posts, however my wardrobe seems to be running low on clothes recently because I haven't been shopping in a while :/ But as soon as I get some more clothes I will do loads more :)

The above was written about a week ago and I can assure you that my week got a hell of a lot worst after, catching a flipping bug :@ Therefore missing my exam on Monday, which I am absolutely devistated about, considering how many revision sessions I went to. Oh well, what's done is done and I can sit the exam in march. Looking more positively into the week my superdry gilet is on its way, maybe just in time for the cinema with the girlys on friday, which i cannot wait about, as im sure you can guess what we're going to see :) Well thats it from me now :)

Love you lots
Lauren xx 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Evening Glow

Just a few photos with me and Megan :)

Lauren xx

Any pictures you have been loving lately  

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fair Dinkum Pinkum

Hello :)

Please excuse the condition and length of my nails at the moment, working in a butchers really does not help look after them :L Well the weathers very crisp outside and I actually quite like it, the early dark nights and dark mornings, going outside to see the lake with the reflection of the bright sun, and the crispy leafs. Its a nice cold though not a bad. I love the idea of wrapping up warm and drinking a mug of hot chocolate in my bed. The perfect time to take pictures. Why not make the most of what we have? At the moment I love pale, subtle nail colours recently which is perfect for school and fair dinkum pinkum O.P.I nail lacquer has to be my favourite of them. Probably because it has a few white flecks in but very muted so very wearable :) I can't capture them though. O.P.I nail polishes are a little out of my price range though being slightly more expensive than the normal drug store ones. Its quite a thin nail polish needing a minimum or 3 coats and 4 if your nails are in bad condition, but I always like to apply 3 coats, so one more coat doesn't bother me. I LOVE IT <3
Any colours that your particularly loving at the moment?
Lauren xx

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Snippet...3

long time no speak :( 
Please excuse the dodgy quality of this photo my camera wasn't set up properly, oh well that doesn't really matter. I have had the most busiest couple of week, who knew that year 10 was so jam packed with homework and coming exams, apparently not me. I also started work yesterday for a couple of hours it was quite tiring if i do say so myself. I decided i would buy myself a new pair of boots or a coat from topshop. Ended up going for the coat, although i think i will be back there next week to pick up the boots that i left behind :L  I thought it was more practical as i have a cold from not wearing a coat, that will be a first. I will try to squeeze in time to blog but i will always put my grades first, so im not promising anything. 
I will do an OOTD soon though as i have taken a few pictures.
Love you all :)
Lauren xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday Snippet...2


Say hello to my baby brother :) Hes so cute and didy.
1.  My week has been a bit unorganised to say the least. I was ill on Tuesday and Wednesday and couldn't wait to get back into the habit of things. I love school and seeing all of my friends, so when I'm stuck at home i just get so bored so easily.
2. At my school we wear a uniform like most people in the UK do, so i decided this month that i would spend my money on make up and hair things rather that new clothes. Even though i did, my make up this month was very basic stuff and i miss clothes shopping and the sound of tearing the tag of the new item   : (
This week i can tell you wasn't the best but oh well I'm sure it will be much better next week :)

I'm looking for a new powder any recommendations?
Enjoy you week :)
Lauren xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Along waited haul

Hello my followers :)

L-R Body Shop Blusher Brush £12, Simple Eye Make Up Remover £2, Natural collection Tinted Moisturiser £1.99, Natural Collection Apple Blossom Lipstick £1.99, Revlon Photo Ready Foundation £9.99, Revlon Minted Nail Varnish £2    
& Rimmel Glam Ice Eye Shadow £1.50

L-R Aussie Take the Heat Shampoo 2 for £4.99, Umberio Giannini Tousled Salt Spray x2 2 for £7.50 & Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Take the Heat Deep Treatment 2 for £.99  

Newlook Knitted Cable Jumper £12.99

Accessorize Ring £2.10
I have along awaited haul for you all. Yipeee that means i have lots of new things in my draws :) This is a collected haul as i dont have much money to spend in one chunk often, thats okay with me though. There is a lot of beauty products this time as i feel i needed some new ones. There is actually a reason this time why i havent posted in the last week or so, my mum went in to labour very quickly and gave birth to a little baby boy named Moshe. But i shall explain all in another post  i have asked my mum's permission to do a little post on it :) 

I love my new ring from accessorize i have been wearing it on every occasion possible. :) 
And my newlook jumper as its warm and cosy for those winter days :) 

School has started now so i will soon be busy studying and doing lots of revision im sure. But i shall continue to blog as per usual if not more :)
Have a good week :)

Lauren xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

In the eyes of mine...

Things that have caught my eye!

1. ♥ Riverisland Cream Tuck Stitch Belted Cardigan ♥ £38.00 
I have been eyeing this tuck stitch cardigan for a while now as i think it would be great for the Autumn/Winter season, to keep warm and cosy and still look great. Not sure whether i would buy a different colour though, as my wardrobe consists of light coloured clothing. Not that, that is a bad thing.
2. ♥ Newlook Floral Palazzo Trouser  £17.99 
These palazzo trousers i have been waiting to come in to the teen section as i am quite short and don't fit in to the adults as there tooo long. :( So when i saw these i was like i need them!! 
3. ♥ Newlook Leather Fringed Mocassin  £15.00 
I tried these on in Newlook the other day but they didn't have my size sadly. So when i see them in my size i will definitely buy them. 
4. ♥ Riverisland Black Smart Belted Playsuit  £40.00 
I love this playsuit, i think it would be perfect to dress up for a meal out with a pair of classic black heels or just to wear casually in the day with brogues.  
5. ♥ Riverisland Light Beige Jersey Belted Maxi Skirt ♥ £25.00 
Maybe for a bright day in autumn paired with a plain black shoestring vest to keep it nice and simple. 

Anything that's caught your eye recently?
Thanks for reading 
Lauren xx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Snippet

Wow these 6 weeks of  our summer holiday are going oh so quickly. It seems like just yesterday we were at school. *sigh*. Oh well i don't want to get to out of routine for school. <----Bit late for that one :/  Considering im not up to about 9-10 each day. I thought each week i would start to tell you a little bit about my week and maybe a picture or two. Don't expect anything to fancy though, five days out of seven i'm at school. Ill try to make it interesting though.  

Lauren xx

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aviator Sunnies ♥

River island £12.99

I'm glad to have finally got my sunglasses back. In the middle of june when i went on my holiday to turkey, i had recently bought these lush pair of sunglasses. I love them so much because they are a pair that actually suit my face shape :) Anyway on holiday me and my dad noticed a crack in the middle of the glass although i couldnt recall breaking them, and the rim of them hadn't bent. A few days later the crack was the length of the glass. All we could put it down was the sun and them being faulty. So when we arrived back of our holiday we took them back and just asked if we could refund them. Happily enough the did :) They had just said that they were faulty. So now i have these beauties back :) Not that its sunny at the moment though :L Sorry that its so shorts.

I apoligise for saying i am going to do more posts and never do. I could try and make excuses for this but i just havent. I now have a diary of when im going to do certain things so fingers crossed i will stick to it.

I hope next week brightens up a bit.
Have a good week :)
Lauren xx

Any sunnies that your totally in love with? ♥

Monday, 15 August 2011

The falsies...Blackest drama

So recently i purchased a new mascara from maybelline called the falsies volum express. From the mascaras Ive used previously from maybelline i have really liked them. I thought i would try this one out as i like full on lashes.This is only my first impressions on this product.

One thing this mascara does very well is holding up the curl all day long. Which i love as this means i also don't have to curl them. With an 8.2 ml of product i think that it is good value for money.

When i first opened the product and looked at the brush i was slightly puzzled at which side i should use. When i saw the diagram on the back of the packet that made it make much more sense. It also looked like there was way to much liquid on the brush, but I'm sure once i use more of it, it may become better. I will inform you on that at a later date. As this is only my first impressions.

After two coat of mascara.

As you can see one eye looks better than the other. I'm not sure why that is but its probably just how i have applied it. At the minute i still think it needs a bit more wearing in because its a bit liquidy. But apart from that i love it. And would definitely recommend it. :)

Have an excellent week :)

Lauren xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A beautiful summers day...

A beautiful summers day calls for me to get a summer dress out :)

Hasn't this past week been warm? Well where i live it is.
I wasn't really a fan of this dress when i picked up. I planned only to wear it on my holiday to turkey which i went on. But typically i didn't because it didn't fit right over my bikini. As for the sleeveless jacket, i adore it. Although cause its sleeveless i only wear it on hot days because i haven't got a long sleeve tops. That will be next on my list. Again with these beige brogues i only ever were them or my navy blue espadrilles (which are uber duper comfy).

Dress Primark
Sleeveless jacket Newlook
Beige brogues Riverisland 

Thank you for every one who help me with the mac eye shadow i know put it on over a nude and primer :)
This week i plan on writing a lot more posts than last week, sorry bout that. 

Hope this week stays lovely in the areas that you live. 
Have a good week :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I recently went to my friends house which is at a farm and i had to decide on an outfit to wear with my wellies (glossy pink) of course. Personally i am in love with wellies and love the whole festival look with floaty dresses, skirts and shorts. Sadly i have not actually been to a festival though but would love to go to one with my friends. I ended up going with a pair of high waisted distressed denim shorts, black tights, a red vest top, a cream short sleeved chiffon shirt with a peter pan collar.

So thats the look i hope you like it:)

I bought a mac eye-shadow a while ago from the airport in Gatwick. The colour i got was woodwinked a kind of bronzey brown colour which looked beautiful when i swatched it. I wore it on holiday and i loved it. I get back to the uk and put it on to find out that it transferred onto my eyelid a coppery orange colour. Is this because my eyelid are more pale now from my tan wearing off. Or is that just the shade its meant to be. I still think its a lovely colour just now what i expected.
I would have swatched it for you however when i went to do that, my camera would not focus at all so i could only get the pot and even the colours doggy on that. Typical, o well. At least i know its very pigmented as i managed to get it all over my camera. Think i need to give that a good old clean now :L. 
Anyway im off now until tomorrow. I hope you liked my post and enjoying the hot weather outside. :)
What have you all been up to?

Lauren xx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

1. OOTD Neutral

Hello Everybody, 
So i haven't posted in very long, well that's what it feels like but thank goodness that school has officially ended for the summer holiday now and i'm free to do what i want :D Now i have the excitement of having a lazy morning (if i don't go for a run) and buying all the new school essentials that i adore repurchasing year after year. I will probably do a few posts on that nearer to the middle of august, when I've had a time to SHOP! Okay so this is something that i wore to an evening of the wedding. The dress code was basically anything, people even turned up in jeans which i thought to be honest was a bit disrespectful.  

I wore: Newlook Tie Play-suit £27.99
Newlook Cream Cardigan £8 (Sale)
River island Beige Brogues £27.99
George Feather Earrings £5
Seed Pearl Bracelet Portugal 

So that was all i was wearing and i love this look mainly because of the play-suit colours and the style of it. I think its perfect, you can dress it up or down depending on the shoes and accessories that you wear.
That is all from me today and i hope you like this look :) You will hear from me tomorrow with another post hopefully :) I hope your weeks starts well and lets hope it stays hot outside this week. 
Have a good week :) 
Lauren xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Galaxy Nail :)

this weekend I've got many blog posts coming up as i feel very much like writing today. :) Don't get many of them days he he. I was looking through many nail blog posts and i came a cross what shes calls intergalactic nails, so please look at her post to here. Everybody's is very different depending on what colours and tools you use.

A slightly Bigger version :)

Above are the 8!! Nail polishes i used

The main nail polish i used on my ring finger was Autograph Nail Polish in Midnight Magic. I used this as it is a deep purple which i though would be great for a base colour.
Other nail polishes
L-R Barry M 134, Autograph Midnight Magic, Maybelline Flash Cosmic, Maybelline Base Transparent, Topshop Nails Delusion, Barry M 295, Barry M 305 and Rimmel Cranberry zest.

Okay so your supposed to use a dark base colour and use a make up sponge to add the other colours, however i don't have any sponges at the minute so i turned to the good old cotton buds. Cotton buds i know would not have  worked as well and it didn't, but that makes it unique right?

How i made this look?

1. I applied my base colour - Autograph Midnight Magic. 
2. Pick the first polish you want to use and with the nail brush i put some on to the cotton bud, not too much though and lightly dabbed it onto the nail. (Make sure the polish is dry)
3. I then repeated with the 5 other colours not including the flash cosmic and base transparent.
4. I then applied the Flash Cosmic (glitter) to make a starry effect.
5. Then i applied my clear top coat to keep it there for longer :)
6. I then matched the main colour on the ring finger to the rest of my fingers in my case Barry M 295.

Lauren x

Hope you had a good week :)
Any nails that interest you at the minute?

Thursday, 7 July 2011


I've recently been on holiday to Turkey for 10 days, so that is why i didn't post anything during those days. Anyway I'm back now and reality has hit me. I shall hopefully post something every 4-5 days as long as school work isn't that busy, although that shouldn't be a problem due to our school breaking up in 2 weeks. Yippee! As my little brother would say :)

The items are barely new any more but anyway here we go.

The very well known Urban Decay Naked Palette which i finally managed to get my hands on :D. I am very much in love with it so far! 

£26.50 ( a plane bargain )

Coral coloured Newlook shoestring vest £1.99 & An aubergine coloured Newlook tube skirt £7.99
Pair them together for a perfect colour blocking combination :)

A mid wash Newlook sleeveless denim jacket £21.99 Absolutely loving this to pieces at the minute! 

Light - Mid wash ripped and torn pair of denim shorts. Newlook £13.99

Lauren x 
Hope you having a wonderful week :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Little Introduction To Me And My Blog :)

After umming and ahhing about creating my own blog for weeks. I've finally gone and done it. I have been inspired by many beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs so I decided that I wanted to give it ago and see how it turns out. I will be postings about high-street/drug-store brands, as that is what me and most other teenagers can afford. :) I will try to update my blog regularly about things that I have bought and interest me.
A little bit about myself :)
I'm Lauren and from the UK
I am a natural brunette and have slightly olive toned skin and is loving life right now. :)
I plan to write about things that I would want to read myself, after all it is my blog. :) I will try to review some products every now and again, what I write will be my opinion and how I like it. The things I plan to write about:-
Cosmetic reviews, beauty hauls, fashion hauls, outfit of the days and I may ramble on about my own life to. (My posts will probably be quite picture heavy)
If you want to support me or help me on how I can improve my blog as there is always room for improvement or just want to chat please don't hesitate :)

 Lauren <3