About Me

I write to share my passion with the people who actually want to hear about it ♥

I think its about time to update my 'about me' page so thats exactly what i am doing. I started my blog back in 2011 hoping to give my family and friends a break from me constantly talking about fashion and beauty related things. Although that is exactly what i have done, the past two years haven't really been my best. I am fully aware about how little i post, its just my school grades were rapidly decreasing, so i have been trying to sort that out, it was also a new experience for me to get a job. Although i only work a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday  suddenly it felt like i never had any free time to do anything. Especially shop, write or read/watch bloggers. 
In 2013 however, all this is going to change! I have three new years resolutions:
*stay positive, stay strong, be happy
* put more effort into my friends and my blog
* learn to save
Okay so technically there isnt just three, but I shall go into greater depth on a blog post. 

I mainly live in Devon, however I may be possibly moving to Berkshire to attend a college at my dads. Sometime everything can get a bit overwhelming but at the end of the day i'm just a 15 year old girl with a fashion and beauty addiction trying to live her life to the full. 

Lauren xx