Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Shopping for myself?

Hello Lovely's

Green Office boots, £69 with £35 off making them £34 :)

Urban Outfitters Side-ways Cross Bracelet £6 
Well i spent my day shopping for myself ... that wasn't the official plan! This wasn't entirely all i got but my two favorite items :) I adore theses boots especially the price i got them for, i was origanally set out to get a pair of Chelsea boots but for £75 i couldn't justify buying them right now. Hopefully after Christmas i might be able to :) I had never been into an Urban Outfitters until today but i always find my self on there website adding items into my imaginary basket and not actually purchasing them. Urban Outfitters and Topshop are the shops i see a lot of  stuff i like in however, they are quite pricey so i tend to find similar items for a fraction of the price else where. 
I'm getting really excited for the end of term now, to finally have a break :)
I wish you all a very lovely week :)
Lauren xx