Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aviator Sunnies ♥

River island £12.99

I'm glad to have finally got my sunglasses back. In the middle of june when i went on my holiday to turkey, i had recently bought these lush pair of sunglasses. I love them so much because they are a pair that actually suit my face shape :) Anyway on holiday me and my dad noticed a crack in the middle of the glass although i couldnt recall breaking them, and the rim of them hadn't bent. A few days later the crack was the length of the glass. All we could put it down was the sun and them being faulty. So when we arrived back of our holiday we took them back and just asked if we could refund them. Happily enough the did :) They had just said that they were faulty. So now i have these beauties back :) Not that its sunny at the moment though :L Sorry that its so shorts.

I apoligise for saying i am going to do more posts and never do. I could try and make excuses for this but i just havent. I now have a diary of when im going to do certain things so fingers crossed i will stick to it.

I hope next week brightens up a bit.
Have a good week :)
Lauren xx

Any sunnies that your totally in love with? ♥

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