Wednesday, 11 January 2012

In the eyes of mine...2

Hello lovelys ,
In the eyes of mine...

1. ♥ Topshop ♥ Moto High Waist Jamie Jeans ♥ £40.00 ♥ 
I love one tone jeans and have done for along time:) As i was scanning across the Topshop shop website on the jeans section these ones really stood out to me. I also think they would really fit it with SS12 pastel colours and would pair quite nicely with some deep berry colours from AW11/12 as well. 

2. ♥ Topshop  Mace Black Studded Toe Boots ♥ £36.00 ♥ 

3. ♥ Riverisland ♥ Cream Sleeveless Embellished Swing Shirt ♥ £35.00 ♥ 
I love how this shirt is so versatile as it could be paired with leather look leggings or aztec leggings for a bit of an edgy look or with light denim shorts for a cute girly look.  

4. ♥ Newlook ♥ Belted Lace Dress ♥ £17.99 ♥ 
I am normally a very trouser sort of person, but recently i have come to love dresses in the day time. I especially like this one because of the colour of the lace. Its also very versatile as this dress could quite nicely pair up with a show stopper pair of heels. 

5. ♥ Riverisland ♥ Cream Floral Print Swing Shirt ♥ £25.00 ♥ 
Shirts this past year i have fallen in love with, they look so effortless, yet classy and girly depending on how you dress them. This one i just love the floral print and i cant wait to get my hands on it. 

                                                      Anything caught your eye recently?

                                                                        Lauren xx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Glitter Bug

          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Christmas and new year have both past and now we all have to settle back down again into normal routines. These pictures were taken on Christmas day, i just haven't managed to find time to post about them. I absolutely love the glitter i put on my 4th/3rd finger, depending on whether you class a thumb as a finger :L It suited the occasion perfectly. However because it was pure glitter therefore it did catch on clothing quite a bit, it didn't come off though :) I'm not sure whether the mink colour was very Christmasy or not but it was subtle  and i liked it :)  Anyway this was just a quick post to wish you all a very Happy New Year :) The nail colour i used was Looks nail pop in mink :) 

Hope you all had a wonderful new years eve and a great start to the new year :)

Lauren xx