Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Snippet...3

long time no speak :( 
Please excuse the dodgy quality of this photo my camera wasn't set up properly, oh well that doesn't really matter. I have had the most busiest couple of week, who knew that year 10 was so jam packed with homework and coming exams, apparently not me. I also started work yesterday for a couple of hours it was quite tiring if i do say so myself. I decided i would buy myself a new pair of boots or a coat from topshop. Ended up going for the coat, although i think i will be back there next week to pick up the boots that i left behind :L  I thought it was more practical as i have a cold from not wearing a coat, that will be a first. I will try to squeeze in time to blog but i will always put my grades first, so im not promising anything. 
I will do an OOTD soon though as i have taken a few pictures.
Love you all :)
Lauren xx


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Lauren xx