Friday, 15 July 2011

Galaxy Nail :)

this weekend I've got many blog posts coming up as i feel very much like writing today. :) Don't get many of them days he he. I was looking through many nail blog posts and i came a cross what shes calls intergalactic nails, so please look at her post to here. Everybody's is very different depending on what colours and tools you use.

A slightly Bigger version :)

Above are the 8!! Nail polishes i used

The main nail polish i used on my ring finger was Autograph Nail Polish in Midnight Magic. I used this as it is a deep purple which i though would be great for a base colour.
Other nail polishes
L-R Barry M 134, Autograph Midnight Magic, Maybelline Flash Cosmic, Maybelline Base Transparent, Topshop Nails Delusion, Barry M 295, Barry M 305 and Rimmel Cranberry zest.

Okay so your supposed to use a dark base colour and use a make up sponge to add the other colours, however i don't have any sponges at the minute so i turned to the good old cotton buds. Cotton buds i know would not have  worked as well and it didn't, but that makes it unique right?

How i made this look?

1. I applied my base colour - Autograph Midnight Magic. 
2. Pick the first polish you want to use and with the nail brush i put some on to the cotton bud, not too much though and lightly dabbed it onto the nail. (Make sure the polish is dry)
3. I then repeated with the 5 other colours not including the flash cosmic and base transparent.
4. I then applied the Flash Cosmic (glitter) to make a starry effect.
5. Then i applied my clear top coat to keep it there for longer :)
6. I then matched the main colour on the ring finger to the rest of my fingers in my case Barry M 295.

Lauren x

Hope you had a good week :)
Any nails that interest you at the minute?


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  3. Thank you <3
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  4. I love your nail polishes!! I am so addicted to nail polishes right now! :)


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