Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hello lovely ladies! 
So today me and the beautiful Megan spent the day in Exeter central. We had/ well at least i had a great day shopping and picking up a few bits and bobs before I'm back at work tomorrow. In total I picked up 7 items with a lot of faffing around from the both off us plus one YUMMY Starbucks carmel coffee frappuccino. Within the seven items I purchased the closet dupe to the Naked 1 I have ever seen! Yes! Closer than the heaven and earth palette. And that would be the Undressed palette by MUA and the quality is awesome! Every single shadow in the palette has a dupe. I picked up a MUA lipstick in Nectar as well, please note they have taken there audiences opinions into consideration and named the products, I love them. I have to admit there was one disappointing thing in the day and that was being declined entry into a 15 at the cinema even though I am 15! All because I didn't take a passport of any sort of id! I mean who carries id at 15!! Certainly not me! Agh that made me so angry at the time. Anyways I wondered into to Topshop hopelessly knowing I wouldn't be able to stop myself although I was pleased to say I came out with two very reasonable items, both being ones I cannot purchase in my local store. And that was a velvet finish lipstick in Mischief for £8 and a Glitter polish in Ice crush which I applied a minute ago and I must say I love them both fewww! Whilst knowing me and Megan aren't really huge fans of Primark with still took a quick browse around and nothing really caught our eyes until on the way out when I saw the Zara safari jacket dupe just sitting on the rail waiting to be put away, so I grabbed it whilst it was still there and I am so pleased I did. As there was only five available especially as it was a bargain price for a coat at £25. Complete bargain compared to what there selling at on eBay. OH YEAH! One other reasonable purchase was an Accessorize swimsuit which is suitable yet still girly for swimming in so I can mend my legs, so for £14 in the sale I wasn't really going to complain. I must say the sizing is very odd so I spent a fair bit of time trying on the swimwear in Accessorize eventually settling for the last one i tried on, typical :P Sorry Megan! 
I'm going to love you and leave you know as I need my rest for work tomorrow. 
Lauren xx

Enjoy the rest of the week xx