Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Snippet...3

long time no speak :( 
Please excuse the dodgy quality of this photo my camera wasn't set up properly, oh well that doesn't really matter. I have had the most busiest couple of week, who knew that year 10 was so jam packed with homework and coming exams, apparently not me. I also started work yesterday for a couple of hours it was quite tiring if i do say so myself. I decided i would buy myself a new pair of boots or a coat from topshop. Ended up going for the coat, although i think i will be back there next week to pick up the boots that i left behind :L  I thought it was more practical as i have a cold from not wearing a coat, that will be a first. I will try to squeeze in time to blog but i will always put my grades first, so im not promising anything. 
I will do an OOTD soon though as i have taken a few pictures.
Love you all :)
Lauren xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday Snippet...2


Say hello to my baby brother :) Hes so cute and didy.
1.  My week has been a bit unorganised to say the least. I was ill on Tuesday and Wednesday and couldn't wait to get back into the habit of things. I love school and seeing all of my friends, so when I'm stuck at home i just get so bored so easily.
2. At my school we wear a uniform like most people in the UK do, so i decided this month that i would spend my money on make up and hair things rather that new clothes. Even though i did, my make up this month was very basic stuff and i miss clothes shopping and the sound of tearing the tag of the new item   : (
This week i can tell you wasn't the best but oh well I'm sure it will be much better next week :)

I'm looking for a new powder any recommendations?
Enjoy you week :)
Lauren xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Along waited haul

Hello my followers :)

L-R Body Shop Blusher Brush £12, Simple Eye Make Up Remover £2, Natural collection Tinted Moisturiser £1.99, Natural Collection Apple Blossom Lipstick £1.99, Revlon Photo Ready Foundation £9.99, Revlon Minted Nail Varnish £2    
& Rimmel Glam Ice Eye Shadow £1.50

L-R Aussie Take the Heat Shampoo 2 for £4.99, Umberio Giannini Tousled Salt Spray x2 2 for £7.50 & Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Take the Heat Deep Treatment 2 for £.99  

Newlook Knitted Cable Jumper £12.99

Accessorize Ring £2.10
I have along awaited haul for you all. Yipeee that means i have lots of new things in my draws :) This is a collected haul as i dont have much money to spend in one chunk often, thats okay with me though. There is a lot of beauty products this time as i feel i needed some new ones. There is actually a reason this time why i havent posted in the last week or so, my mum went in to labour very quickly and gave birth to a little baby boy named Moshe. But i shall explain all in another post  i have asked my mum's permission to do a little post on it :) 

I love my new ring from accessorize i have been wearing it on every occasion possible. :) 
And my newlook jumper as its warm and cosy for those winter days :) 

School has started now so i will soon be busy studying and doing lots of revision im sure. But i shall continue to blog as per usual if not more :)
Have a good week :)

Lauren xx