Monday, 15 August 2011

The falsies...Blackest drama

So recently i purchased a new mascara from maybelline called the falsies volum express. From the mascaras Ive used previously from maybelline i have really liked them. I thought i would try this one out as i like full on lashes.This is only my first impressions on this product.

One thing this mascara does very well is holding up the curl all day long. Which i love as this means i also don't have to curl them. With an 8.2 ml of product i think that it is good value for money.

When i first opened the product and looked at the brush i was slightly puzzled at which side i should use. When i saw the diagram on the back of the packet that made it make much more sense. It also looked like there was way to much liquid on the brush, but I'm sure once i use more of it, it may become better. I will inform you on that at a later date. As this is only my first impressions.

After two coat of mascara.

As you can see one eye looks better than the other. I'm not sure why that is but its probably just how i have applied it. At the minute i still think it needs a bit more wearing in because its a bit liquidy. But apart from that i love it. And would definitely recommend it. :)

Have an excellent week :)

Lauren xx


  1. Your eyelashes look fantastic! :) I may have to try this!

    Gem x

  2. Fab eyelashes! I really want to try the other one they have, I think its called flare or something? (:

  3. This looks fab on your eyelashes! I find most mascaras work better after a few weeks of drying out a bit xx

  4. Definitely looks like it's lengthened your eyelashes wonderfully, they look great! I love Maybelline as a makeup brand, it's always one I go back to, spesh when it's 3 for 2 at Boots.

    Don't worry, one of my eyes looks completely pants once ive put mascara on it, while the other one looks great, you're not the only one!


  5. This looks like a really great mascara!

  6. The Pink And Black Lace Design Is Super Cute!!


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