Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I recently went to my friends house which is at a farm and i had to decide on an outfit to wear with my wellies (glossy pink) of course. Personally i am in love with wellies and love the whole festival look with floaty dresses, skirts and shorts. Sadly i have not actually been to a festival though but would love to go to one with my friends. I ended up going with a pair of high waisted distressed denim shorts, black tights, a red vest top, a cream short sleeved chiffon shirt with a peter pan collar.

So thats the look i hope you like it:)

I bought a mac eye-shadow a while ago from the airport in Gatwick. The colour i got was woodwinked a kind of bronzey brown colour which looked beautiful when i swatched it. I wore it on holiday and i loved it. I get back to the uk and put it on to find out that it transferred onto my eyelid a coppery orange colour. Is this because my eyelid are more pale now from my tan wearing off. Or is that just the shade its meant to be. I still think its a lovely colour just now what i expected.
I would have swatched it for you however when i went to do that, my camera would not focus at all so i could only get the pot and even the colours doggy on that. Typical, o well. At least i know its very pigmented as i managed to get it all over my camera. Think i need to give that a good old clean now :L. 
Anyway im off now until tomorrow. I hope you liked my post and enjoying the hot weather outside. :)
What have you all been up to?

Lauren xx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

1. OOTD Neutral

Hello Everybody, 
So i haven't posted in very long, well that's what it feels like but thank goodness that school has officially ended for the summer holiday now and i'm free to do what i want :D Now i have the excitement of having a lazy morning (if i don't go for a run) and buying all the new school essentials that i adore repurchasing year after year. I will probably do a few posts on that nearer to the middle of august, when I've had a time to SHOP! Okay so this is something that i wore to an evening of the wedding. The dress code was basically anything, people even turned up in jeans which i thought to be honest was a bit disrespectful.  

I wore: Newlook Tie Play-suit £27.99
Newlook Cream Cardigan £8 (Sale)
River island Beige Brogues £27.99
George Feather Earrings £5
Seed Pearl Bracelet Portugal 

So that was all i was wearing and i love this look mainly because of the play-suit colours and the style of it. I think its perfect, you can dress it up or down depending on the shoes and accessories that you wear.
That is all from me today and i hope you like this look :) You will hear from me tomorrow with another post hopefully :) I hope your weeks starts well and lets hope it stays hot outside this week. 
Have a good week :) 
Lauren xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Galaxy Nail :)

this weekend I've got many blog posts coming up as i feel very much like writing today. :) Don't get many of them days he he. I was looking through many nail blog posts and i came a cross what shes calls intergalactic nails, so please look at her post to here. Everybody's is very different depending on what colours and tools you use.

A slightly Bigger version :)

Above are the 8!! Nail polishes i used

The main nail polish i used on my ring finger was Autograph Nail Polish in Midnight Magic. I used this as it is a deep purple which i though would be great for a base colour.
Other nail polishes
L-R Barry M 134, Autograph Midnight Magic, Maybelline Flash Cosmic, Maybelline Base Transparent, Topshop Nails Delusion, Barry M 295, Barry M 305 and Rimmel Cranberry zest.

Okay so your supposed to use a dark base colour and use a make up sponge to add the other colours, however i don't have any sponges at the minute so i turned to the good old cotton buds. Cotton buds i know would not have  worked as well and it didn't, but that makes it unique right?

How i made this look?

1. I applied my base colour - Autograph Midnight Magic. 
2. Pick the first polish you want to use and with the nail brush i put some on to the cotton bud, not too much though and lightly dabbed it onto the nail. (Make sure the polish is dry)
3. I then repeated with the 5 other colours not including the flash cosmic and base transparent.
4. I then applied the Flash Cosmic (glitter) to make a starry effect.
5. Then i applied my clear top coat to keep it there for longer :)
6. I then matched the main colour on the ring finger to the rest of my fingers in my case Barry M 295.

Lauren x

Hope you had a good week :)
Any nails that interest you at the minute?

Thursday, 7 July 2011


I've recently been on holiday to Turkey for 10 days, so that is why i didn't post anything during those days. Anyway I'm back now and reality has hit me. I shall hopefully post something every 4-5 days as long as school work isn't that busy, although that shouldn't be a problem due to our school breaking up in 2 weeks. Yippee! As my little brother would say :)

The items are barely new any more but anyway here we go.

The very well known Urban Decay Naked Palette which i finally managed to get my hands on :D. I am very much in love with it so far! 

£26.50 ( a plane bargain )

Coral coloured Newlook shoestring vest £1.99 & An aubergine coloured Newlook tube skirt £7.99
Pair them together for a perfect colour blocking combination :)

A mid wash Newlook sleeveless denim jacket £21.99 Absolutely loving this to pieces at the minute! 

Light - Mid wash ripped and torn pair of denim shorts. Newlook £13.99

Lauren x 
Hope you having a wonderful week :)