Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas time, lipsticks and I

Top to bottom
Topshop inhibition
Topshop Mischeif
 MUA Shade 1
Mac Creme Cup
Revlon Raspberry Pie
Loreal Lip Pencil Burgundy 

Revlon Raspberry Pie: 
This lip butter is my day to day colour when my lips aren't in great condition. Raspberry Pie is a pinky redy colour which can be applied lightly for a day colour and overlayed for a deeper night colour. It lasts a long time considering its a butter and wears off very naturally. The finish is glossy however, its still very moisturising. I cannot wait to try more shades of lip butters.
MAC Creme Cup:
 I can only get away with wearing this lipstick in the winter, otherwise it completely washes me out and makes me look a little ill. However in the winter it is a perfect pinky/nude colour with a glossy finish. 
MUA Shade 1:
This lipstick is perfect for this season its a deep red with purple undertones making it a burgundy colour. The formula for a £1 is AMAZING. Its not moisturising on the lips but certainly doesn't dry them out either. It leaves a little sheen on the lips, which is exactly how i like it. 
Topshop Mischief:
Is my go to red that actually suit my skintone, i have a few reds although none of them i can really pull of except this one. It is extremely pigmented and lasts around about 4-5 hours. This is a great bold colour if you after something for a night out. 
Topshop Inhibition :
This is probably my most second used lipstick which is a bold purple colour. It is perfect to stand out this season, especially at school. It is a little on the dry side, but with lots of blistex its pefect. 

Lauren xx 

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Snippet...4 this time of year people are planning there new years resolutions and there outfits out for new years eve. But i'm just excited for the new year. Bring on 2013! For those who know me this year has been a tough year completely filled with stress, i cant wait for the new year. On new years day i will be posting my new years resolutions, although for a sneak peak check out my 'about me' page.

Please excuse the really bad picture of me, i just wanted to give you an insight in how good the MUA lipstick in shade 1 is. I literally cannot rave enough about it! 

I will be doing a 'what i got for Christmas  post when i go back home to my mums, so keep your eyes peeled.  Any links that you lovely people have of 'what i got for Christmas' posts would be appreciated as i love reading them. Probably as i'm interested as to what other people have been given. 

Sorry this was a bit of a rambly post, i do have a winter lips one coming up tomorrow though. I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and fun fulfilled days off work. I wish you all a happy new year and all the best. 

Lauren xx