Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A beautiful summers day...

A beautiful summers day calls for me to get a summer dress out :)

Hasn't this past week been warm? Well where i live it is.
I wasn't really a fan of this dress when i picked up. I planned only to wear it on my holiday to turkey which i went on. But typically i didn't because it didn't fit right over my bikini. As for the sleeveless jacket, i adore it. Although cause its sleeveless i only wear it on hot days because i haven't got a long sleeve tops. That will be next on my list. Again with these beige brogues i only ever were them or my navy blue espadrilles (which are uber duper comfy).

Dress Primark
Sleeveless jacket Newlook
Beige brogues Riverisland 

Thank you for every one who help me with the mac eye shadow i know put it on over a nude and primer :)
This week i plan on writing a lot more posts than last week, sorry bout that. 

Hope this week stays lovely in the areas that you live. 
Have a good week :)


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I read and appreciate every single comment that is left. :)
Lauren xx