Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas time, lipsticks and I

Top to bottom
Topshop inhibition
Topshop Mischeif
 MUA Shade 1
Mac Creme Cup
Revlon Raspberry Pie
Loreal Lip Pencil Burgundy 

Revlon Raspberry Pie: 
This lip butter is my day to day colour when my lips aren't in great condition. Raspberry Pie is a pinky redy colour which can be applied lightly for a day colour and overlayed for a deeper night colour. It lasts a long time considering its a butter and wears off very naturally. The finish is glossy however, its still very moisturising. I cannot wait to try more shades of lip butters.
MAC Creme Cup:
 I can only get away with wearing this lipstick in the winter, otherwise it completely washes me out and makes me look a little ill. However in the winter it is a perfect pinky/nude colour with a glossy finish. 
MUA Shade 1:
This lipstick is perfect for this season its a deep red with purple undertones making it a burgundy colour. The formula for a £1 is AMAZING. Its not moisturising on the lips but certainly doesn't dry them out either. It leaves a little sheen on the lips, which is exactly how i like it. 
Topshop Mischief:
Is my go to red that actually suit my skintone, i have a few reds although none of them i can really pull of except this one. It is extremely pigmented and lasts around about 4-5 hours. This is a great bold colour if you after something for a night out. 
Topshop Inhibition :
This is probably my most second used lipstick which is a bold purple colour. It is perfect to stand out this season, especially at school. It is a little on the dry side, but with lots of blistex its pefect. 

Lauren xx 


  1. I have always wanted a TopShop Lipstick! Might go and treat myself! I am loving your blog! I am 12 years old and have a blog too!

    :) xxxx

  2. I've never tried any of the Topshop lipsticks... or any of their makeup for that matter! :O Must get myself there and pick up some of the plumb colours. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x


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