Sunday, 5 February 2012

Extremely Late :/

I am sorry this post is extremely late but better late than never right? What i got for christmas!
So your probably all bored of these now considering its the 5th of feb, but i didnt want to waste the photo :L

Its the last thing any of us want to be thinking about now considering we've all just got back into the swing of things :L I had an amazing christmas and i hope you all did to. Too bad the snow came late though! As much as i love the frosty mornings, id much rather wake up to sunshine or snow! 

Love you lots 
Lauren xx 

Ps its half time soon so expect some outfit of the day posts with my best friend (Thats if shes willing too) :D


  1. Great haul! It's never too late XD

  2. Ooh, lucky!

    I'm getting a kindle for my birthday soon, would love to know your opinion on it x

    1. I absolutely adore my kindle :) Before i got it i wasnt really a reading type but know i cannot put it down :) Its just so handy to use and light weight compared to a book and you dont have to worry about the sun being to bright of anything. I had to adjust my font size because my eyes arent the best and its so easy to use, with just a click of about two buttons.The books download in seconds as well so you dont have to wait for them to arrive or have to pop in to town, it literally takes a couple of seconds. Overall i would really recommend them :) Lauren x Hope i helped. :)

  3. Looks like you had a lovely christmas! Adoring the soap and glory set haha:)


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