Wednesday, 4 July 2012


My bestie on the left, me on the right :)
Spike Necklaces from Topshop
Black Dip Hem Skirt Primark : Earth Printed Skirt Topshop
Confessions Top Republic : Grey Vest Topshop
Belts Primark

Early hours the morning before deciding outfits
My bestie on the left, me on the right :) 

Me on the left and my bestie on the right
My black studs from Topshop 

My bestie on the left, me on the right :)
My parka Riverisland 

 Hackney Weekend and T4OTB one weekend after the other, I feel very privileged to have gone to both and I have had the most amazing times, seen some amazing acts and spent lots of quality time with my dad and my best friend Megan. At Hackney Weekend I dressed quite casual and sensibly wore wellies (kids hunters) , however at T4 I wore a skirt and my studded shoes which was very stupid of me as the sand was practically water and my studs got soaked! During this week I will recreate my outfits and go over both of them in detail, as I feel I haven't done this in a very long time.  However to give you the brief I wore pink aztec leggings, grey vest top and a pink parka to Hackney, multi coloured dip hem skirt, grey vest top and my pink parka to T4. Compared to last year when i hadn't really been to a festival, I have know be to two sort of ones and I wish I had gone sooner!! I just love the way everybody dresses up and then chucks on a pair of wellies and dances to late hours of the evening! I hope your having lots of fun at festivals this year!  I SAW HUGO of Made In Chelsea!!!! I love him! & or course Jamie but sadly he wasn't there! :(

I also tried my first pair of false eyelashes on, and I shall admit i don't think ill be wearing them any time soon and they really didn't look right on me :L Maybes its because it was my first time, I'm not sure! Any tips??

Anyway I've gotta go catch up on some course work so I shall love you and leave you!

Lauren xxx

Enjoy your week! x


  1. oh my gosh, i love your necklaces and tops and all your accessories! :)
    love your style and blog too! followed :D

  2. Hi :) I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  3. Great photos, would love to have gone to hackney weekend!

  4. cool looks :-) love the spiked necklaces a lot! really looks like you had a great time at the hackney weekend! x

  5. Thank you girlys sorry i havent really been blogging im really going to try and put more effort it :) xx


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