Thursday, 22 March 2012



This is a little post updating you on what I wore to my non uniform day at school :) Except the shoes you see in the picture are not the right ones as they got muddy from being at school. The shoes I actually wore are the blue and brown boat shoes from Primark for £8. Which is kinda strange considering I don't really like Primark that much :L The dress I wore was a crushed velvet scooped skater dress from Topshop, which I paired with a light denim jacket from Newlook and my Raymond Weil black and gold watch. It was a pretty basic outfit which is what I wanted after wearing my jacquard leggings and a denim shirt last time :L My week has been pretty good overall except from the fact that my best friends in Florida, jealous much!!! 

Hope you guys aren't too mad at me for not posting!

Have a great week/end!

Lauren xx 

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  1. Hi Lauren!

    I just emailed you after I saw your comment. Sorry you couldn't get through to me, xxxxx


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